About Wilson Group

Wilson Group was founded in 1981 and has grown from just four employees to our current 3,000 employees over the past four decades. Our dedication to quality and industry expertise has enabled us to become one of the world's largest manufacturers in the garment accessories industry. We are headquartered in Hong Kong, whereas our three production bases are located in Huadu District, Guangzhou, Xinfeng County, Jiangxi and Xining Province, Vietnam, respectively, with a combined area of 210,000 square meters. In addition, we have branches in Shanghai and New York, with an annual output of more than 800 million Hong Kong dollars. For more information, please visit www.wilson-acc.com/catalog/about.php.

The brand story of Wilson Essentials

The beginning of 2020 marked the sudden worldwide outbreak of Covid-19. There was a severe shortage of masks in the market, as masks have become restricted materials in various countries. After the Lunar New Year, we were informed that a disposable mask was required daily for each of our workers to resume our operations. The need to provide almost 3,000 masks each day prompted us to consider whether we could set up our mask production. We began sourcing mask machinery and raw materials. Coincidentally, a few days later, the Hong Kong government enacted policies to encourage manufacturers to set up factories locally. We were keen on participating in this initiative and became even more determined to set up our mask factory in Hong Kong.

We immediately carried out preparatory work, located a suitable factory, designed our clean room and began renovations. Our first mask production line was soon installed, and we joined the Hong Kong Government's "Local Mask Production Funding Scheme" to become one of the 20 certified production lines, helping Hong Kong to fight against the pandemic. Our cleanroom has met the ISO 14644-1:2015 Class 7 standard, and our masks have successfully obtained certification in accordance with ASTM F2100 Level 3 specifications, reaching medical standards. Other specifications and certifications such as ISO 13485, CE, EN14683 and HK Q Mark have also been successfully attained. On the other hand, we are committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities in Hong Kong and other regions through donating masks to help the underprivileged.

Today, with the establishment of Wilson Essentials, we consistently adhere to our pragmatic approach to business. In addition to providing high-quality masks, we are keen on sourcing related products, such as mask accessories, aroma essential oil and aroma essential oil mask clip. Continuing with our passion and creativity, we aim to develop and source high-quality with great value personal hygiene and lifestyle products to our customers.